Let us help you plan and cater your special events...

Choose from one of Ludwig's off-premise catering menus for any gathering at any location . . .

at your home, hall, office - - - even at the beach!


Ludwig's has been satisfying customers in Belle Harbor, Neponsit, Breezy Point, Rockaway Point and Roxbury since 1990. Private parties and celebrations of every kind - weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, Breezy's Mardi Gras, block parties, walk parties, beach parties -

events large and small, we've done them all!

If we can help you in any way, please call 634-4939.

In our 20+ years, we have gained the expertise and the know-how which are required for catering successful events in this unique neighborhood. 
If you've never used our catering services before, just ask one of your neighbors about Ludwig's.  We're confident that you'll hear good things from our many satisfied customers.


We're sorry, but we are no longer accepting orders for Thanksgiving.

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